"The creations of one generation are passed on and absorbed by the next and so on it goes.

In each generation, there are those who lead the way in one form or another - always showing the underlying Spirit of the Freedom to Create for the sake of the Fullfillment of Creating.

If you can pop your head through the membrane of Space and Time, you can peek into an ever present swarming sea of artistic concepts - some specific and individual, some more general - summing up the efforts of a whole era.

One artist will influence a small handful of others who in turn will influence larger handfuls of others and so on it goes - where does it begin and end? What does it matter?"

From an essay by Chick Corea on the master musician Bud Powell from Inner Fires: The Genius of Bud Powell available on Elektra Records. (Check out E-Media's Harmolodic site dedicated to Ornette Coleman).


The Chinese poetic phrase selected by Ken McCarthy to embody the historic Marc Andreessen/Mark Graham/Ken McCarthy presentation to the San Francisco Bay Area multimedia production community November 5, 1994.

Possible translations:

    Each wave pushing at the one ahead

    Waves urge waves

    Things develop ceaselessly with the new superceding the old


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