The San Francisco Poetry Renaissance was
born one magic night on Fillmore Street

Jack Kerouac (lower left) and Allen Ginsberg (right)
October 7, 1955 - The public debut of "Howl"
Six Gallery on Fillmore Street

From the promotional postcard:


Philip Lamantia reading mss. of late John
Hoffman-- Mike McClure, Allen Ginsberg,
Gary Snyder & Phil Whalen--all sharp new
straightforward writing-- remarkable coll-
ection of angels on one stage reading 
their poetry.  No charge, small collection
for wine, and postcards. Charming event.

Kenneth Rexroth, M.C.
8 PM Friday Night October 7,1955

6 Gallery 3119 Fillmore St.
San Fran


  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Jack Kerouac
  • Neal Cassady
  • Kenneth Rexroth
  • Philip Whalen
  • Gary Snyder
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • Michael McClure
  • Philip Lamantia

    I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed...


  • From "Angel Headed Hipster"
  • Jack Kerouac - "The Dharma Bums"
  • Jay Stevens
  • Michael McClure
  • Levi Asher
  • Steve Silberman
  • Timothy Anglin Burgard

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