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Some companies make news. Others make history.

If you want to read the news, here it is: news

If you're interested in Internet history, and perhaps making some of your own, here's some of the history we've made*:

  • July, 1993 - Amacord founded (originally called E-Media) as a division of Marketing Solutions

  • November, 1993 - Amacord is the first company to advise applying the direct marketing model to marketing on the Internet.

  • June, 1994 - Amacord founder Ken McCarthy introduces a group of San Francisco media professionals to his concepts of web marketing. One attendee, Rick Boyce, then of Hal Riney & Partners, goes on to help start HotWired, the first web magazine to sell commercial advertising.

  • August, 1994 - Amacord founder Ken McCarthy writes the first article on e-mail as a marketing medium to appear in a mainstream marketing industry magazine (DM News)

  • November, 1994 - Amacord sponsors and organizes the first conference on the subject of the web as a commercial publishing medium. Marc Andreessen is featured speaker.

  • April,1995 - Amacord's founder is catastrophically injured by a chiropractor and suffers serious neurological and mechanical damage to his spine.

  • November,1995 - Amacord sponsors and organizes the first conference on the subject of the web publishing as a community building tool.

  • January,1996 - Amacord founder Ken McCarthy's book "Internet Business Jissen Manual" is released in Japan. Begun in 1994, it is the first book published in Japan on the subject of the World Wide Web as a commercial medium.

  • July,1996 - NEC honors Amacord founder Ken McCarthy as one of the pioneers of the commercial Internet and assigns him the "Silicon Valley Now!" column for its flagship web publication Cyber Plaza USA.

  • January,1998 - After two and a half years of intensive rehabilitation, Amacord founder Ken McCarthy is able to resume work on a part time schedule.

  • January,1999 - Amacord sells the trademark and domain name "E-Media" and moves its offices from San Francisco to Dutchess County, NY. Having pioneered many of the trends that are now common in the Internet industry, the company now focuses on bringing the best in Internet marketing strategy and tactics to small and medium sized businesses.

    * If anyone knows of conferences, books, and articles earlier than the ones we produced in the categories listed, please let us know.

    Inquiries welcome from businesses that want an experienced, no nonsense company to build and manage its Internet marketing program.

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