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  • The Urasenke Tradition of Tea has been handed down through 15 generations from father to son. Here is an interview with the present head of Urasenke, Dr.Soshitsu Sen XV.

  • The Urasenke Foundation of California is where I study Chanoyu. Email for class schedules, and for a copy of Matsukaze the quarterly newsletter of the Urasenke Foundation of North America. It's a beautiful newsletter that introduces the many facets of Chanoyu.

  • Tea Times Newsletter is published by Soko Takechi and Sokyo Tiscornia, Urasenke tea teachers who offer many classes in Chanoyu and it's related arts in San Francisco. The newsletter features up-to-date schedules for classes, workshops, and tea gatherings.Visit their new site http://www.chanoyu.com

  • Take a look at this site for a birds-eye-view of a tea room plus lots of information.

  • Order superb quality organic Japanese green Sencha from East/West Cultural Inc. here in the US.

  • Michi Online--a resource for everyone interested in Japan's arts and methods of personal growth as well as the home of perhaps the world's first electronic journal of the Japanese cultural arts.
  • Chado The Way of Tea is an interesting and detailed place for lots of information about Chanoyu.

  • Kanazawa is a part of Japan well known for tea.

  • This is an unusual kind of tea site with paintings of an outer gate and a path through a tea garden. But watch out. It loads slowly.

  • Tea Etiquette for Guests is the subject of this interesting article.

  • Here's a Chanoyu guide to Japan

      About Green Tea and it's health benefits

    • Epicurious Dictionary describes tea.

    • Green tea and health. Pretty much the definitive page on this subject.

        Chanoyu is a Zen art.

      • Eido Shimano Roshi is the Abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo a traditional Rinzai Zen monastery located in the Catskill mountains of New York State. It's where I've practiced Zen for many years. Here's an article Eido Roshi wrote.

      • San Francisco Zen Center is a wonderful place to practice Zen. Green Gulch has an authentic tea house where weekly and monthly tea gatherings are hosted.

      • Tricycle A Buddhist Review.

      • For a listing of many more links to Zen sites on the Web.

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