Amacord, formerly E-Media, has been involved in educating people about the Internet's power as a marketing and communcations medium since 1993.

In 1994, we sponsored the first conference devoted exclusively to the subject of commercial opportunties on the World Wide Web, featuring Marc Andreessen and other pioneers of Internet commercialization. We also became one of the first publishing companies to consciously integrate print and online publishing.

In 1995, we continued offering our education, training, and consulting services and also began developing and maintaining web sites for clients. Some of our clients include: the American Academy of Ophthalmology, HarperCollins, Boardroom, Harmolodic (jazz legend Ornette Coleman's label), and the German American Chamber of Commerce.

1996, we formed two new divisions: J-Ventures and the Community Web Project.

J-Ventures provides a full range of services including web site localization and marketing advice to companies that plan to or are already doing business in Japan . The Internet Business Jissen Manual written by E-Media's president Ken McCarthy with the help of Hiroshi Kagawa president of the Intercultural Group was one of the first books on this subject published in Japan.

In the summer of 1997, E-Media experimented with the Web as a journalistic medium, taking on two local Bay Areas stories the local new industry was ignoring or distorting or both: organized fraud in the 49er stadium election and cyclist-bashing by the local media, the Mayor, and rogue elements of the SFPD on the July 25th Critical Mass ride.

Here's a collection of articles written by and about us as well as a summary of events we've spoken at or helped organize including the transcripts of some of our programs.

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