Lincoln Beachey

In 1914, Beachey's average audience was over 100,000 in each of the 126 cities he demontrated his aerobatic skill

"I have watched him closely with my glasses and have never seen him make an error or falter. An aeroplane in the hands of Lincoln Beachey is poetry. His mastery is a thing of beauty to watch. He is the most wonderful flyer of all." - Orville Wright

"Each art has its master worker-its Saint-Gaudens, its Paderewski, its Michelangelo, its Milton. There is music and most inspiring grace and prettiest poesy in flight by man in the heavens, and posterity will write the name of Lincoln Beachey as the greatest artist on the aeroplane. In his flying is the same delicacy of touch, the same inspirational finesse of movement, the same developed genius of Paderewski and Milton. The deftness of stroke of any of the old masters cannot exact his touch. He is truly wonderful." - Elbert Hubbard

Source: Frank Marrero's
Lincoln Beachey: The Man Who Owned the Sky

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