Lincoln Beachey

The Man Who Owned the Sky

Fillmore Hill, 1896

"Nine-year-old Lincoln Beachey looked past his rusty, over-sized handle bars, over the edge of Fillmore Hill. Another inch and there would be no turning back..."

Carl Sandburg on Lincoln Beachey, the most famous man you've never heard of.

Riding against the east,
A veering, steady shadow
Purrs the motor-call
Of the man-bird
In his throat
And in his heart always
The love of the big blue beyond

Only a man,
A far fleck of shadow on the east
Sitting at ease
With his hands on a wheel
And around him the large gray wings,
Keep and deal kindly, O wings,
With the cool, calm shadow at the wheel.

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    Source: Frank Marrero's
    Lincoln Beachey: The Man Who Owned the Sky

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