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Today, there are literally thousands of Internet consultants and service providers you can choose from. Here are five important things you should know when you make the decision to work with us:

Superior experience and stability

1. We've been providing entrepreneurs and businesses with advice on how to use the Internet for business purposes since 1993. There are only a handful of companies in the world that can make that claim. We offered Internet consulting services long before it was popular because we believed the Internet had a bright future as a commercial medium and we wanted our customers to be prepared.

Recognized as a leader within the Internet industry

2. Because we were involved in the Internet business so early both as an advisor to businesses and an active supporter of many fledgling efforts to commercialize the Internet, we have a network of contacts in all areas of the industry and at all levels that is second to none. Interface designers, engineers, programmers, database specialists, PR firms, you name it. In every category, we've identified the "best of the breed" and are in constant contact with the top practitioners both for our own projects and on behalf of our clients.

Extraordinary marketing savvy

3. Even more important than our familiarity with technical issues, is our vast experience in using media of all kinds -- print, direct mail, audio, video -- to achieve targeted, measurable results. We are, first and foremost, a marketing company and our ability to create and project clear, compelling messages to the top of the media heap has been proven again and again in the unforgiving battlefield of the marketplace. Amacord was formed specifically to apply these rare skills to promotion and marketing on the Internet.

We make it easy

4. When we first started in the Internet business, there was a nearly universal tradition of helpfulness on the part of experienced users towards beginners. Indeed, one of the earliest uses of the Internet was to facilitate research, education, and collaboration. We still live by that original spirit. We explain what we do in plain English and have made an enormous investment in producing conferences, training programs, publications, and educational materials to make learning about the realities of the Internet as a marketing and promotion medium a quick and painless process. We believe -- to borrow an old phrase -- an educated consumer is our best customer.

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