How do I get started and what will it cost?

If you already know what you want to do and what services you want, take a look at our Internet presence packages. We can usually have you online and ready for business within 7 business days of receiving your storyboards.

You may have never designed a web site before, but you've probably produced brochures, ads, sales letters, and catalogs. Designing information on the web is a similar process. You decide how to best combine words and pictures to make your point with your audience.

A Blueprint for Internet Success

All web sites begin with a storyboard, a collection of sketches showing what you want each screen to look like. The storyboard is the blueprint we use to create your site. Creating storyboards is easy once you are clear about what you want on your screens and how you want to structure your site.

Strategic Consulting

If you'd like help developing a strategy for how your particular business can best profit from the Internet, we're available for consulting over the telephone. Unlike most Internet consultants, we have extensive experience in traditional publishing, marketing, and direct response advertisitng and can often provide you with insights that will not only guarantee a successful Internet presence, but also improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing program.

Strategic consulting services are provided directly by Amacord's founder, Ken McCarthy. Most consulting clients prepare for these sessions carefully and tape them for later review. It's advisable to send us a short description of your business in advance of the telephone session along with copies of all your brochures, sales letters, ads, catalogs, and other marketing materials. To schedule an appointment, call 845-757-5037 during regular office hours which are 10 AM to 5 PM EST.

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